Understanding The Riots – Where Next?

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Since last Saturday, a situation has escalated around the UK, with eruptions of long-repressed anger in most major cities. Whilst this anger may have certainly, at times, taken on forms that we disapprove of, we all know where this anger comes from. We are all suffering at the moment. Trying to make ends meet can be a living nightmare – benefits, jobs and healthcare going down the drain whilst the cost of housing and living rises sharply. Not to mention systematic Police harassment on our streets, daily injustice and deaths in police custody. For those right at the bottom of the pile, the young and unemployed, it seems like everything they were brought up on was false. The promise of easy credit, easy access to consumer goods, an education and social support. All this just disappears into smoke when the rich decide we don’t deserve it anymore; when they are desperate to save their system from the consequences of their own greed.

We condemn:

* The police, the political elite and the media for creating an atmosphere of fear, justifying greater state repression.

* The opportunism of the EDL/BNP and other far right groups

We refuse to condemn:

* People who looted high street chain stores, pawn shops, betting shops, banks and other symbols of capitalism.

* People who attacked the police, police property, courts, probation services and other symbols of the state.

We are inspired by:

* All the people who stood up for each other in the face of attack by the police and other violent gangs

* The communities that stood outside preventing arson to neighbouring flats, houses and locally-owned businesses.

But whilst we are categorically against the arson of homes, the muggings and the burglaries, are we really surprised this is happening? Here is a whole generation brought up on Thatcherism and Blairism – two ideologies that totally glorify individualism and ruthless competition. That have gone out of their way to destroy working class solidarity and colonise our areas with wealthy young professionals. That place those who trample on their communities for their own personal gain up on pedestals. These ideologies have BRED gangster behaviour amongst the poor and the only way we can counter such behaviour is by rebuilding our community spirit NOW, in spite of these doctrines, out of the ashes of this rebellion.

We are also categorically against any notion that greater police powers are a remedy to this situation, that the violence of the state and of capitalism is somehow preferable to the violence of those in our communities. Even if it was preferable, it would solve nothing – the problem here is inequality and injustice. Only we can bring about equality and justice; working together to advance our collective interests. We believe that when we build strong communities, we have a better chance of fighting back and winning. When we assemble to support each other through the difficulties of recession, instead of hiding away in our homes. When we get on the streets to defend our communities from any kind of attack. When we strike against our bosses instead of taking it on the chin. When we allocate resources for the benefit of the many and not the few. When we organise to take back what is rightfully ours instead of submitting to the thieves in Westminster and the City. When we target the rich and the state and not each other.

Whilst the riots may have taken their toll on our communities, there is no turning back now. We cannot wish them away. The screams of our youth have been heard; its time we turned them into the battle cries of our class.

Against ALL attacks on our community! For EVERYONE against the system!

ALARM! – All London Anarchist Revolutionary Movement




London Riots Special

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ALARM (All London Anarchist Revolutionary Movement) and Friends give opinions, eye witness accounts and personal analysis on the continuing rioting that has gripped the city and spread across the country. One Hour Special on The Circled A Radio Show, available for download, and being broadcast through out the week on Resonance FM 104.4 FM.
Turn On, Tune In & Kick Off.

Greenwich Riots

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Its safe to say Greenwich as well as many other areas around the country have had quite an eventful week.
Unless you’ve been living under a rock (or haven’t managed to loot yourself a television yet) we’ll assume you will have at some point heard about the riots which have spread across London and the rest of the UK.

What started with the unfortunate death of a young man at the hands of the police has quickly become a situation whereby the forgotten members of our society have come out to express their rage.

There are no excuses for burning down peoples homes or the various other actions which damage the working class and these should not be supported. However the outright condemnation of the rioters as “thugs and scum” does little to address the reasons for why these actions have occurred.

A happy populace doesn’t riot.

When we bring up our kids in a society which promotes consumerism and rewards greed, while on the other hand preventing them from obtaining these symbols of status it should come as no surprise that they are willing to fight back when faced with further cuts to whatever little they already had.

There is an old saying “If the young are not initiated into the village, they will burn it down just to feel its warmth.” These kids out rioting have been forgotten by society and this is the end result. Until the problems of inequality are addressed these sorts of events will continue. Calls to line kids up against walls and shoot them wont solve the problems of inequality.

It seems strange that when the rich loot us everyday it garners no outrage but when we attempt to take back some of this wealth we are denounced as thieves and a plague to society.

Now having returned from his £9500 a week holiday with his carefully prepared speech David Cameron has set about how these thugs are to be dealt with. (Unfortunately he isn’t referring to the big businesses that fuck us over everyday.)

Quite predictably with Cameron and co back the government is now trying to flex its authority and restore the status quo. Greenwich council are at the forefront pledging to evict any social housing tenants found guilty of being involved with the riots. Making people homeless wont stop these problems it will just move them on down the road.

Unless it is not clear this anger is not without reason. What needs to happen now is for this energy to be channelled into projects which help to end the exploitation and inequality in our society.

Anarchist Rally At Marxism 2011

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Anarchist Rally 2011

ALARM are organising an outdoor anarchist rally on Saturday 2nd July 2011 near the SWP’s Marxism event from 3-6pm. This is a day to celebrate the similarities and differences of the two movements. All are welcome and encouraged to attend!

Marxism 2011 is being held in Bloomsbury in central London. Website http://www.marxismfestival.org.uk/

Map here: http://www.marxismfestival.org.uk/2011/images/map.jpg

All out for June 30th Strike

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Check out the June 30th website that has been set up with details of local pickets and actions around the country. It’s looking to be a busy day! Get involved, support the pickets and skive off work. See you the streets!


Who we are!

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On Sunday 15th May 2011 a new organisation was born

ALARM! (The All London Anarchist Revolutionary Mob) is a class struggle anarchist group seeking to bring an end to capitalism through the use of ground level street politics.

We are the Greenwich chapter of this new organisation. The individuals of ALARM! who live and work within Greenwich.

Opposing all forms of hierarchy and exploitation we seek a world based upon free co-operation and mutual aid. One where our actions are not dictated by politicians and a corporate elite, but by those whom decisions directly effect.

We want to overthrow this government and we want you to be a part of it.

This blog here serves as a contact point for those living in  Greenwich who want to get involved with ALARM! and also to keep people updated of events going on in Greenwich and across London.

ALARM! is constantly expanding with new groups appearing all across the city. (New links will be added as these come together)

If you wish to participate in street based class struggle politics come to our next ALARM! meeting (whether you live in Greenwich or another borough) on  29/05/2011 6-8pm at The Calthorpe Arms, 252 Gray’s Inn Road, King’s Cross WC1X 8JR